Due to the dynamic development of the NPG Group, it is already represented at six locations in six countries: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, USA and South Korea. With a total of about 70 employees - 30 of them in Germany - the NPG Group realizes more than 650 projects a year worldwide and generates an annual Revenue of 18 Million Euros.

NPG has an intermediate storage facility in Orlando, Florida, to ensure even greater flexibility. Furthermore, short decision paths save unnecessary effort and costs. With our well-established and international network, we can also react and act at short notice - worldwide!



The combination of our extensive experience in the creation of value-added encounters and our clients'; own strategic guidelines ensures that we achieve our goals through positive brand association and strengthened customer relationships through emotional experiences. We firmly believe in the potential of personal encounters between people and the associated and formative mechanisms of inclusion that sustainably strengthen them. NPG has the know-how and experience to exploit opportunities that arise from the combination of personal communication and today's increasingly advanced interactive technology. By combining strategic and creative design with technical expertise in interactive technology, we create experiences with personal communication that our customers are always excited about! Our experienced team of designers, architects and project managers ensures high quality at all levels.



NPG is your partner for trade fairs and events. Our passion is the creation of encounters with added value - both for you and your target group. We have a passion for high-quality branding that inspires in combination with personal communication, which creates an attractive attraction through the use of interactive social meeting spaces. We firmly believe in the personal encounter between people and the unique and effective mechanisms of inclusion that it triggers. With offices throughout Europe and our global partner network, we can ensure a worldwide presence, flexibility and a personal service level. It is always our ambition and motivation to be a driving force in the business development of our customers and to create value-added encounters worldwide.