About NPG

NPG Germany was founded in March 2015 as a partner company of NPG AS (Norwegian Promotion Group) and part of NPG Group after many years of German-Norwegian cooperation. Ever since 1991, NPG has implemented innovative and value added brand presences and unforgettable events.

In the meantime, NPG Germany ranks among the market leaders in the field of communication, design and building of fair stands. Our strength lies in creating appealing and unique appearances for our global customers. These include large and international enterprises as well as regional medium-sized companies. In the past years, we have built an established network of partners which consists of national and international advertising and communications agencies. As a full-service provider, we offer a wide range of additional services for the trade fair and event industry and thus any service for your brand presentation or event - even at short notice! Whether you need a trade fair appearance with catering, AV technology or perhaps even content for your presence, contact us!

The NPG Germany team consist of highly motivated and committed staff members. They are our most important capital! The modern and centrally located Office is situated in Rodgau near Frankfurt am Main where we do not only work together, but especially live the same passion!



Our mascot is the NPG sheep. This illustrates our main slogan "LEAD OR FOLLOW". The sheep is a herd animal and plays an important role in the history of mankind as a farm animal. It serves not only as a milk, meat and wool or fur supplier, but also offers the raw material for glues, candles and soap as well as cosmetic products. The sheep therefore had a fundamental importance in the old economic systems. In the vernacular the sheep häufig is called anxious or even cowardly and stupid. Indeed, researchers have found that sheep are far from stupid, especially when it comes to learning from certain experiences. They react especially in nature to changed Umwelteinflüsse and know how to help themselves in the herd, in which they lead a complex social life. With our Leader sheep, which carries a bell for clarification, we want to symbolize that it is up to each individual to decide whether he or she is a unnoticed and underestimated comrade-in-arms or decides to be a leader and stand out from the crowd with us as a partner.